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I don’t know where I am. I just know I'm running. Sometimes it's like I've lived a thousand lives in a thousand places. I'm born, I live, I die. And always, there's the Doctor. Always I'm running to save the Doctor. Again and again and again. And he hardly ever hears me. But I've always been there. Right from the very beginning. Right from the day he started running.

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[29 Jul 2021|09:40pm]
current & past characters )

Character Journals - Reference List [08 Jun 2020|10:55am]
here there be names... AND THEY'RE ALL MINE. haha )

[12 Dec 2017|03:18am]
Okay so I'm terrible when it comes to advertising games/wanting characters, and I know some of you might already be stocked up on games/characters but i gotta try... but these three are ones I would lovelovelovelovelove to have at [info]thegoldenneep!

I'm not great with making things sound fun so I'm just gonna link to [info]sassylime's posts on it.... Firstly there's Morven Oglethorpe, the amazing badass mum of my character Dunbar Oglethorpe. She also has some great plot open to her as well!

Then there's Dunbar's younger (much younger) twin sisters Iona and Máiri! They've recently finished at Hogwarts, and would be some much needed young faces for David Urquhart who is sadly lacking in same-age/year friends/people in general. So the interns at opposing teams would be amazing to see (and I'm definitely for them being identical for the lols and fun times). That said, it looks like the position for Montrose Reserve Seeker could be open as well (will update once hear more on that) - which considering the family's position of being die hard Pride fans would be hilarious. Especially since Morven is already >:| at Montrose for having her son for a few years.

Anyway there would be lots of love for fivever if you happen to pick any of them up, but especially Morven.

[20 Oct 2017|02:03am]
*waves* i'm still alive, i just forget this exists most of the time.

so the subject of making icons came up in a group chat and that ended up prompting me to change the layout of my icon journal. which i did after finding a layout at [info]tessisamess that i just loved, and it turned out rather well - much more light and cheery rather than drab and grey. although it did remind me if i want to still, on occasion, post icons (like a future set of jason momoa gif icons i've slowly been adding to) i need to find somewhere to host them (and the ones i've already got).

also love to all the golden neep folk! loving this game and everyone in it!

[09 Feb 2017|08:55pm]
so i'm currently keeping an eye for icons of male PBs for future use. have had a little luck.

but now i've just gone and watched the first ep of Newton's Law and even though i currently have no use for him I reeeally want to to icon Toby Schmitz from the show.

alas will have to wait until it comes out on disc.

[08 Feb 2017|04:01pm]
so after christmas i did some dyeing with my niece and finally dyed a piece of silk i've had for fivever.

excuse the terrible picture - it looks a lot better in person )

i used the arashi shibori method, which i learnt yeeeears back in high school and i'd always wanted to do it again... except silly me forgot to coat the twine in wax first so that there's better resist - though it does look pretty.

i want to do more, and i have everything i need except the wax for coating the twine (which i know i can get) and the scarves... and i want to have white natural silk (or cotton) scarves and/or wraps that are already hemmed etc - because i am terrible at cutting/sewing straight. so y'know take one less step out of the equation. only it's not easy trying to find what i'm after in bulk for a relatively inexpensive price; and i know i wouldn't find any in town unfortunately. tried searching on ebay but my goodness what a minefield.

so yeah i'd like to do more for gifts for family/friends but alas seems it's not to be at the moment.

ps: oh yes, i'm also still alive. *waves*

[05 Jun 2016|06:30am]
so i'm still alive.

and still super bad at updating this.

like the worst.

so, hi everyone.

[01 Jan 2016|08:36pm]
that moment where you and another player haven't decided on the names of the character[s] parents and your history is full of [MOTHER name] [FATHER name] [UNCLE name] - because otherwise you know you'd just get confused as to which one you're referencing.

on the bright side finally getting through the history of this app so yay!

[17 Dec 2015|10:34pm]

i s2g if this umpteenth try at getting icons to upload with JournalWatcher's thing doesn't work i'm going to scream.

[11 Dec 2015|11:22pm]
omg what is it with online courses and the way they word questions?

i can read the words, understand what the words mean but the questions still leaves me going 'huh?'

edit: example there's this question "Explain what you can look for in the workplace to assist and accommodate individuals from other cultures to promote sensitivity to diversity. For example, what would you look for if you were conducting a diversity audit?"

...I understand what the words mean but the question is just baffling me.

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